What To Know About Family Law Offices

Are you wondering about what family law offices do? Worry no more. We help people find solutions to their family problems. Here are some of the areas we can help you find answers.
Spousal support
We give professional advice on spousal support. For instance, if you are not able to support yourself due to reasons such as caring for underage children, unemployment or any valid reasons, we can help you. However, you need to prove that you have low income and the other spouse has a higher salary. We will help you pursue spousal maintenance from the higher income earner spouse in such cases since the Family Law Act allows us to do so.
Child custody
In cases of divorce, we can help you to know how the court will determine the right custodian of the child and how it will enforce the order. We understand who will take good care of the children between you. Therefore, we ensure that there is protection over your parental rights.
Property consent orders
We can help you to reach effective agreements and to obtain legally binding consent orders for the partners. We assure you of real solutions without worries about the change of mind of the other partner.
However, we may not guarantee the protection of financial interests when you have informal agreements.
Separation and divorce
We advise on all the requirements of a separation. We help you understand the right procedure for obtaining a divorce. We may also guide you on getting a divorce without necessarily having a legal presentation.
We have enough experience to assist you in finding solutions to all the complicated cases concerning your family.
Child support
We assess the amount of child support payable to the child support agency. We consider your income, the age of the child and the nights you spend with the child. We will also provide you professional advice concerning private child support agreement
We also advise on parameters relating to the establishment of wills and handling of estates.
Paternity testing
We do paternity testing where there are disputes on parentage or presumption of paternity. We achieve this by performing a DNA analysis for both parents.
We understand the whole process of paternity testing, and we take the necessary steps to determine the biological father of the child
Mediation and arbitration
We make the process much quicker and cost-effective than attending to court.
We have trained professionals who will assist you in speaking out your case and understand the disputing parties. We will then communicate effectively to assist the parties to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.
You will then present your case and evidence to an arbitrator who will make a decision similar to that of a judge.