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Homicide: The Hidden Victims

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<P>The author of this groundbreaking volume is not only a social scientist and victim advocate; she is also the mother of a murder victim. Deborah Spungen illustrates how and why family members become co-victims when a loved one is murdered, and she poignantly addresses the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological effects of such traumatic events. These &quot;invisible victims&quot; often find their wounds compounded by confusion and a sense of aloneness in the aftermath of such a tragic event. </P><P>The author draws on research, personal insight and case examples to illuminate critical issues that surround: family notification of a loved one's murder, effects of murder on family and friends of the victim, media influences, traumatic grief, circumstantial influences, the criminal justice system and reconstruction and healing. The book will be invaluable for mental health practitioners and victim advocates. </P>

Victims Of Terrorism

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Based on fieldwork in several countries, this book examines the politicisation of victims of terrorism and creates a picture of the needs of victims and the reality of the victimisation experience. Victims of terrorism are a unique group of individuals whose experience, while being exceptional in so many regards, is relegated to insignificance in the literature on terrorism. The theoretical approaches to terrorism recognise categories of victims of terrorism (primary, secondary and tertiary) and relate these victims to the notion of audience. This framework considers that the primary victims are in fact incidental to the act of terrorism as opposed to the 'audience' who is the true intended recipient of the communicative act. The positioning victims of terrorism in such a framework has contributed to their neglect in the study of terrorism. While this traditional approach may have been relevant when the incidence of terrorism remained of little significance globally, the same cannot be said of this group in recent years. After 9/11, many European countries (as well as the USA) took active steps to protect and provide for the victims of terrorism, particularly given the nature of victimisation post-3/11 (Madrid) and 7/7 (London). This book is based on extensive field work in Northern Ireland, London and Spain and presents the results, which focused on the needs and experiences of victims of terrorism and political violence, and critically analyses these findings comparatively and in their own right. The aim is to assess the provision of support initiatives in Northern Ireland, mainland UK and Spain and understand if victims' needs are being met by these initiatives but most importantly to construct a picture of the local and international interpretation of the experience of victimisation by terrorism. This book will be of much interest to students of terrorism and political violence, victimology, criminology, security studies and IR.

Who Are The Victims? A Bipolar Quandary

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A Bipolar Quandary tells a very personal story about several lives who were affected by this disorder. The story is told by the daughter, Liz, about living with a bipolar mother, about painful decisions and scenarios encountered by the family while caring for their severely ill loved one. It shares the emotions remembered and felt during their lives. For each severely delusional bipolar person, there are at least three or four other people behind them helping with their care. This story is about the other 4 people involved with this disorder, bipolar.


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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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