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The Victims Of Slavery, Colonization And The Holocaust

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A Comparative History of Persecution and Victim Experience provides a sophisticated investigation into the experience of being exterminated, as felt by victims of the Holocaust, and compares and contrasts this with the experiences of people who have been colonised or enslaved. Using numerous victim accounts and a wide range of primary sources, this book moves away from the 'continuity thesis', which regularly conflates and oversimplifies studies of the Holocaust in relation to other historical examples of mass political violence, to look at the victim experience on its own terms. By affording each constituent case study its own distinctive aspects,Colonisation, Slavery and the Holocaust allows for a more enriching comparison of victim experience to be made. It is an important, innovative volume for all students of the Holocaust, genocide and the history of mass political violence.

A Nation Of Haters And Victims

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The truth does not just set us free; it will keep us free. In A Nation of Haters and Victims, author Ruth E. Todd demonstrates the importance of seeking the truth about issues, events, and policies affecting the country.

A Nation of Haters and Victims details how the United States is becoming a nation of haters and victims. Haters and victims have permeated our society and created a national malaise that makes us unable to think clearly. Because we have stopped thinking for ourselves-relying on the media and other sources to tell us what to think-our national character has been changed.

But, Todd, a longtime observer of people, politics, and current events, shows that it is not too late to take the country back from the haters and victims. A Nation of Haters and Victims provides solid steps for reversing the trend of victimhood and hate in order to become a nation of thinkers, hopers, and doers.

Assisting Victims Of Terrorism

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The fight against terrorism is receiving increased awareness due to recent wor- wide large-scale terrorist acts, and only since then has some attention been directed specifically to victims of terrorism. Existing legal instruments of international b- ies like the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations c- cerning victims of terrorism are relatively abstract or include victims of terrorism under the broader heading of victims of crime in general. In addition, policies and legislation relating to victims of crime or victims of terrorism vary widely on the domestic level. Against this background, the European Union commissioned a project that should aim to develop more extensive standards for the aid and ass- tance of victims of terrorism at the European level. This study provides the basis from which more extensive standards could be derived. The study focuses parti- larly on developing standards in the field of continuing assistance, access to justice, administration of justice and compensation to victims of terrorism. A novel feature of the approach is that also the possible utility of restorative justice approaches is examined. An important question to address was whether there is a real need to adopt s- cific standards for victims of terrorism, thereby implying that their needs might differ from victims of ordinary crime.


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