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Victims Of Crime

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The Third Edition of this widely used and respected book has been thoroughly revised and updated to offer the most current research, thinking, and best practices regarding crime victims and crime victim services. Using an engaging and comprehensible format, editors Robert C. Davis, Arthur J. Lurigio, and Susan Herman provide a synopsis of the contemporary literature and debates on significant topics in the field of criminal victimization. New to the Third Edition: Utilizes the latest research and studies in the areas of violence, abuse, and victimsAe rights: While the chapter titles may appear similar, all feature new contributors in this edition and many new key areas with associated research are addressed. Included among the new topics covered are elder abuse, school-based violence, victims of homicide, victims of terrorist acts, the role of first responders, and the roles of various people on victim support. Focuses on the emerging issues and policies in the fields of victim rights and crime prevention: New contributors, all preeminent experts in their fields, update original concepts to bring forward current trends, recent research, along with policy changes in victimization crimes and victim services. Makes material more accessible to the non-technical reader: Written jargon-free, chapters are now introduced with vignettes, which provide individual case studies to motivate the material to follow. In addition, the text includes topical subjects to enhance student interest by tying it into current events. Intended Audience: This is an ideal core textbook for victims of crime and general victims courses at the advanced undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also an excellent resource for researchers, practitioners, victimsAe rights advocates, and those who deal with victims in the fields of Law, Social Work, Counseling, and Criminal Justice.

Victims As Security Threats

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The refugee phenomenon is a major force in international politics. This is more so in sub-Saharan Africa where refugees are major actors in the affairs of their home and host countries. But, are refugees just victims of insecurity or also major causes of insecurity? Mogire analyses how and why refugees, victims of insecurity caused by persecution and the many incessant conflicts which continue unabated, have come to be viewed by scholars and practitioners as security threats. Using Kenya and Tanzania as empirical case studies, this volume examines the nature of this threat, its projection and responses. Moreover, it highlights how, if at all, these threats are different or similar to other security threats faced by these countries.

Victims And Survivors

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The massive population displacements and generation of civilian war casualties that occurred between 1954 and 1975 disastrously weakened the fabric of South Vietnamese society, produced widespread demoralization, and contributed to the country's defeat by North Viet-Nam. This new work is the first systematic documentation of the human consequences of the Viet-Nam War. Based on American, Vietnamese, and international records, as well as a wealth of personal experience and eyewitness accounts, it examines the scope of the tragedy, what was done to cope with it, and what lessons can be drawn from the experience. Wiesner argues that the tragedy of the war itself was appreciably worsened by forced relocations and that this suffering could not have been relieved, because the amount of land on which the largely rural evacuees could be safely resettled was repeatedly diminished by Communist incursions and the demands of combat. Meanwhile, American bombing of the North, much less destructive to civilians than fighting and bombing in the South, was used by the totalitarian regime to instill hatred against the United States and its South Vietnamese ally. When in 1975 the North Vietnamese overran the entire South, masses of Vietnamese, for the first time in their history, fled from their country.


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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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