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Depression In New Mothers

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Depression is the most common complication of childbirth and results in adverse health outcomes for both mother and child. It is vital, therefore, that health professionals be ready to help women who have depression, anxiety, or posttraumatic stress disorder in the perinatal period.

Now in its third edition, Depression in New Mothers provides a comprehensive approach to treating postpartum depression in an easy-to-use format. It reviews the research and brings together the evidence-base for understanding the causes and for assessing the different treatment options, including those that are safe for breastfeeding mothers. It incorporates research from psychoneuroimmunology and includes chapters on:

  • assessing depression

  • mother-infant sleep

  • traumatic birth experiences

  • infant temperament, illness, and prematurity

  • childhood abuse and partner violence

  • psychotherapy

  • complementary and integrative therapies

  • community support for new mothers

  • antidepressant medication

  • suicide and infanticide.

This most recent edition incorporates new research findings from around the world on risk factors, the use of antidepressants, the impact of breastfeeding, and complementary and integrative therapies as well as updated research into racial/ethnic minority differences. Rich with case illustrations and invaluable in treating mothers in need of help, this practical, evidence-based guide dispels the myths that hinder effective treatment and presents up-to-date information on the impact of maternal depression on the mother and their infants alike.

Remnants Of A Scottish Childhood

RRP $66.99

William Davidson first began his study of poetry in the early nineties, fascinated by the variety of verse forms and techniques that lend themselves to poetic expression. As a member of Ramapough Poets of Rockland County, he found that this group of dedicated writers helped pave the way for his understanding and love of all things poetic. In Remnants of a Scottish Childhood-a unique collection of clear-sighted, genuine poems-Davidson uses a variety of forms, including a dash of Scottish dialect, which is where his natural inclinations and poetic sentiments dwell. His poems reflect his youthful memories growing up in Scotland. They are filled with love, fear, disillusionment, class distinction, and a sense of wonderment that the world apart from Scotland held a place in its heart for him-and they reflect the essence of the Davidson Clan motto: Sapienter Si Sincere-"Wisely If Sincerely."

Breaking Free From Depression

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No one is exempt from occasional gloomy feelings. But when depression hits, you can identify the roots and change your negative thinking. God does not want you depressed. He wants you experiencing great joy Everyone needs help now and then. Whether you are a teen, adult or senior, this message brings new hope. Recognize triggers that lead to depression. Discover tools to escape dression. Stand on God's Word and find strength for every situation. SEEK WISE COUNSEL, AND ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT TO LEAD YOU OUT OF YOUR DEPRESSION AND INTO THE JOY OF LIVING
About the Author:
Dr. Linda Mintle is a licensed clinical social worker. Having taught at Eastern Virginia Medical School and Regent University, Dr. Mintle is currently adjunct faculty at Wheaton College's Graduate Psychology Program. She writes a monthly column in Charisma magazine, contributes to SpiritLed Woman and New Man magazines and speaks nationally at conferences, on television and radio.


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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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