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Depression In New Mothers

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Depression is the most common complication of childbirth and results in adverse health outcomes for both mother and child. It is vital, therefore, that health professionals be ready to help women who have depression, anxiety, or posttraumatic stress disorder in the perinatal period.

Now in its third edition, Depression in New Mothers provides a comprehensive approach to treating postpartum depression in an easy-to-use format. It reviews the research and brings together the evidence-base for understanding the causes and for assessing the different treatment options, including those that are safe for breastfeeding mothers. It incorporates research from psychoneuroimmunology and includes chapters on:

  • assessing depression

  • mother-infant sleep

  • traumatic birth experiences

  • infant temperament, illness, and prematurity

  • childhood abuse and partner violence

  • psychotherapy

  • complementary and integrative therapies

  • community support for new mothers

  • antidepressant medication

  • suicide and infanticide.

This most recent edition incorporates new research findings from around the world on risk factors, the use of antidepressants, the impact of breastfeeding, and complementary and integrative therapies as well as updated research into racial/ethnic minority differences. Rich with case illustrations and invaluable in treating mothers in need of help, this practical, evidence-based guide dispels the myths that hinder effective treatment and presents up-to-date information on the impact of maternal depression on the mother and their infants alike.

Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Care And Education

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<I>Reconceptualizing Early Childhood Care and Education</I> is a foundational text, which presents contemporary theories and debates about early education and child care in many nations. The authors selected are leading contributors in discussions about critical early childhood studies over the past twenty years; the editors are long-time scholars in the reconceptualizing early childhood movement. Audiences include students in graduate courses focused on early childhood and primary education, critical cultural studies of childhood, critical curriculum studies and critical theories that have been contested and debated and drawn from over the course of two decades.<BR> The book is filled with recent scholarship by leading authors in the reconceptualization and rethinking of childhood studies and early childhood fields, who discuss foundational debates, new imaginaries in theory and practice and activist scholarship. A must-read for graduate students and professionals interested in beginning or continuing critical interrogations of current early childhood policy and reforms globally.

Healing From Depression

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I thought I knew where my depression came from and how it started but as I go deeper into myself and become more whole, I see that this is not so simple as it first appeared. Now I can conclude that many events conspired against me and created mental and physical health issues which, as an adult, I have had to cope with including Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and Physical Pain. In exploring these events I have written down the sequence of many painful traumas along the way and how they affected me, including sexual, physical, emotional and ritual cruelty, creating layers of compounded abuse which led to depression. Mainly this depression came from loss, loss of self due to my parent's Narcissistic Personality Disorder and also the inability of any adult to pick up that I was suffering and needed help because they were, in fact, the problem. To heal myself I went 'No Contact' with my family and everything in my life that was toxic. I was left with nothing but my damaged self and so I had nowhere to turn but within. In leaving the Narcissists behind I became whole and have found a sense of peace and contentment in my life beyond depression that I didn't think was possible. My story is written as both a cathartic experience for myself as I close doors behind me, move on and heal but mainly as an inspiration to other survivors of the long lasting damage caused by the mind controlling Narcissistic Abuse which is involved and present in all kinds of cruelty and abuse by any other name.


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