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Demons And Whispers - A Memoir Of Abuse

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Eight-year-old Billie Crawford could not bring herself to commit suicide. The Bible taught that taking her own life was a mortal sin, one that would ensure her eternal damnation. When her father entered her room, closed the door behind him, and began removing his pants, there was only one way to escape. "Jesus, please take me," she whispered with her eyes tightly shut, "Jesus, please! Take me!" Billie's prayers went unanswered. For six long years she fought the rapes inflicted by her father, rapes silently disregarded by a brutal mother and humiliated siblings. Maturity offered no end to her agony, for shame and trauma were permanently bonded to her heart and soul. Failed relationships and physical confrontations were the inevitable consequence; only late in life, through endless counseling augmented by mind-altering drugs, did psychiatrists offer her a measure of relief from the injustices of her nightmarish childhood. When you read Billie's story you will inevitably be left with the question: How can parents treat their offspring with such ignorance and cruelty? Billie has no answer, but she does offer a modicum of hope and advice for others who suffer in silence.

Home Of A Family Fractured By Incest And Abuse

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This book tells a story through poetry about children who were sexually and physically abused by their parents. The poetry tells of the negative experiences the children faced and how they struggled with the trauma and destructive behaviors inflicted upon them by their parents all the way into adulthood. The characteristics of the parents' personalities and inappropriate deviant behaviors are also depicted in poetry.

Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers

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This is a personal memoir of my experiences of abuse in a secret Luciferian cult. Warning: this book contains graphic descriptions of sexual child abuse, perverse sex, Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK ULTRA mind control and torture. This book is only for adults and should be kept away from children. I felt that it was necessary to describe these experiences graphically to depict the wrongness of these child prostitution rings which are becoming so wide spread in our modern world. This book may be different than other books on SRA because of the unusual circumstances of my situation. Most people who get as close to the inner circle as I was don't live to tell the tale or they never escape the cult. My experiences may not be typical, but I do allow the reader to understand the emotional landscape of a child who is being brainwashed and sexually abused. I expose insider information about how child prostitution is involved with political and financial corruption. Persons who have read this story have told me that they have been moved by my honesty. This was a very difficult book to write. And threats have been made against me because I have published this. However it's my belief that ultimately the reader will find this to be a book that inspires hope rather than fear. I also talk about the courageous persons who helped me to escape the cult and become deprogrammed. And I talk some about the resistance movement that is working to undermine the satanic NWO. My intention in writing this book is that it be experienced as a story of spiritual redemption and liberation.


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A collection of humorous and entertaining poems to delight children and adults alike. Each poem is unique and deals with a particular theme. From the ordinary to the strange, from the serious to the outright funny, this collection of rhymes and verse will delight both boys and girls. It also makes a great classroom resource for teachers of early and primary years to aid classroom discussion.

To Have Or To Have Not - Domestic Abuse Dynamics

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The dynamics of domestic abuse can be complex, but agencies and organisations work together to encourage the victim to come forward and to break the cycle of repeat victimisation. Dennis A. Atkin, an experienced practitioner, gives an overview of the issues involved, and he discusses indicators and appropriate responses to the various levels of perceived abuse.


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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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