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Child Abuse And Neglect

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The doctor, dentist or related professional who treats children has a moral and legal obligation to diagnose correctly suspected maltreatment and to report it to the proper authorities. These obligations may bring the doctor into contact with the child protection system as well as the courts. The practitioner needs to be prepared for court testimony, and a foundation of knowledge about child maltreatment is essential. This book provides extensive information and unparallelled images to assist the physician and dentist in recognizing, diagnosing and reporting child abuse and neglect.

Written by and for professionals in disciplines ranging from general and child abuse paediatrics, to surgery, emergency medicine, pathology, dentistry, nursing and social work, the book reflects current and increasing knowledge in this field. The authors stress throughout the importance of including a broad and representative range of possibilities in their differential diagnoses so that the non-inflicted condition is not identified as abuse, and an inflicted injury cannot be mistaken for a more innocent condition.

International Perspectives On Family Violence And Abuse

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In this book, in which definitions and examples of abuse from men and women from every continent and a very diverse set of backgrounds are considered. The volume provides information on the extent to which family violence is a recognized problem in each country, research findings available on different forms of family violence, and information on governmental responses to family violence. Finally, the value of an international human rights approach to abuse and violence in families is considered.
The book presents an unparalleled international coverage, addressing all forms of family violence in Australia and at least two countries from every other continent. Each chapter begins by describing the cultural context in which family violence and abuse take place. These sections emphasize the role of women and children in the country. Providing a multitude of voices, each chapter includes fascinating and often dramatic definitions and examples of abuse from ordinary citizens of the country. The concluding chapter elaborates on the appropriateness of a human rights approach in addressing family violence cross-nationally and cross-culturally; and provides an excellent integration of much of the material from the previous chapters.
The book is intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in psychology and sociology, as well as pre-professionals and professionals in medicine, law, and social services. It has strong relevance and value to individuals training in counseling (counselor education) and clinical psychology. Because of its readable style and extensive use of quotations from citizens of the countries studied for the book, it may also appeal to a much broader audience, including a lay audience.

Family Abuse And Violence

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Family Abuse and Violence presents a new perspective for studying inter- and intragenerational forms of family abuse and violence. The framework integrates existing theories and guides an interpretation of empirical data to study socially deviant or criminal problems that occur within families. It is a text for: undergraduate students in a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year course in social problems, family abuse and violence, family and gender, or community problems; or for graduate students in MS or PhD programs in sociology, psychology, child and family studies.

Children Of The Tenements

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I have been asked a great many times in the last dozen years if I would not write an "East-side novel," and I have sometimes had much difficulty in convincing the publishers that I meant it when I said I would not. Yet the reason is plain: I cannot. I wish I could. There are some facts one can bring home much more easily than otherwise by wrapping them in fiction. But I never could invent even a small part of a plot. The story has to come to me complete before I can tell it. The stories printed in this volume came to me in the course of my work as police reporter for nearly a quarter of a century, and were printed in my paper, the Evening Sun. Some of them I published in the Century Magazine, the Churchman, and other periodicals, and they were embodied in an earlier collection under the title, "Out of Mulberry Street." Occasionally, I have used the freedom of the writer by stringing facts together to suit my own fancy. But none of the stories are invented. Nine out of ten of them are just as they came to me fresh from the life of the people, faithfully to portray which should, after all, be the aim of all fiction, as it must be its sufficient reward.

A Life Of Abuse

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"A Life of Abuse" shares the heartbreaking, brutally honest story of two little girls-sisters--who were abused by their father and had to live with that abuse every day of their lives. They should have been surrounded with unconditional love and support from their mother and father. Instead their mother turned a blind eye as their father abused them every chance that he got. Even their friends were at risk in their home; their father was an abusive alcoholic who did not care who he hurt. The sisters thought that there was no way out, but they discovered that there was life after the abuse and that no one should ever give up. Many times, they wanted to break down and give up; even so, they found ways to get through the difficulties they experienced resulting from their childhoods. They now live good and happy lives. There are others living with and through abuse today. Christy M. wants to reach out and inspire these others to hold onto their faith and believe that there is hope. They can be strong, and they can make it through to a happier life.


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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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