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Forensic Interviews Regarding Child Sexual Abuse 2016

RRP $326.99

This wide-ranging volume combines the current findings and frontline knowledge working practitioners need to know about forensic interviewing of children in sexual abuse cases. Coverage begins with the basics: legal and ethical principles, interview planning and procedure, psychometric and cultural issues, pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Perspectives from a trial lawyer and a district attorney lend real-life details on criminal court procedure, interview procedure, legal standards, and what is expected of expert witnesses. Not only is developmental understanding of salient issues concerning children's competency and suggestibility offered here, but also vital guidance on the controversies surrounding false memories and untrue accusations.

Included in the coverage:

  • Working with the multidisciplinary team.
  • Childhood memory: an update from cognitive neuroscience.
  • Disclosure failures: statistics, characteristics, and strategies to address them.
  • Child abusers' threats and grooming techniques.
  • Review of psychometrics of forensic interview protocols with children.
  • Assessing the quality of forensic interviews with child witnesses.

Forensic Interviews Regarding Child Sexual Abuse brings a wealth of robust practical information to professionals working with children, including clinical and child psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers.

Family Abuse And Violence

RRP $301.99

Family Abuse and Violence presents a new perspective for studying inter- and intragenerational forms of family abuse and violence. The framework integrates existing theories and guides an interpretation of empirical data to study socially deviant or criminal problems that occur within families. It is a text for: undergraduate students in a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year course in social problems, family abuse and violence, family and gender, or community problems; or for graduate students in MS or PhD programs in sociology, psychology, child and family studies.

Listening And Talking To Your Sexually Abused Child

RRP $18.99

Your child was sexually abused! You want to help . . . but how? Respected Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lynn Daugherty guides you as you listen and talk to your sexually abused child. Develop a stronger relationship with your son or daughter as you start the journey toward recovery from child molestation, rape, or incest. You can . . . <> Support your child, through listening and talking. <> Gain confidence in your own communication skills. <> Build a solid foundation for future healing. This brief beginning book also includes: ~ answers to basic questions about child sexual abuse, ~ resources for parents of sexually abused children, ~ guidance in choosing a mental health professional, and ~ selections from Dr. Daugherty's other books. Listen to your child. Talk to your child. Help your child heal.

Star Mother's Youngest Child

RRP $17.95

Once upon a Christmas, there was an old woman who lived in a hut at the edge of the forest, with only her old dog, Uproar, to keep her company. The old woman had only one wish: to celebrate a real Christmas, with a tree and presents and candles and food. Just once.
High up in the heavens, Star Mother's youngest child makes a wish, too. "Mother " he wails, "just once I want to celebrate Christmas like they do down there " So Star Mother sends him to earth, where he finds a hut and knocks on the door . . .
In this original, heartwarming fable, Louise Moeri tells the story of an unlikely friendship and how it made two Christmas wishes come true.
"In three words I can state clearly why I wanted to be a part of the children's book field: Trina Schart Hyman. In 1975, the year I graduated from college, I won a literary prize for my own writing and with the money I bought books. One book in particular altered the course of my life: STAR MOTHER'S YOUNGEST CHILD. Both the story and Trina's heartfelt illustrations propelled me to be a part of the wondrous world of children's books. I still have my first edition copy, a bit tattered from frequent readings and poring over Trina's artwork. Whenever I needed encouragement this book, with all its magic, gave me that artistic boost." Olivier Dunrea, author.

Family Recovery And Substance Abuse

RRP $501.99

This book details a structured, research-based approach to working with the significant others of substance abusers. The approach, called `Unilateral Family Therapy', offers partners and family members hope not only of improving their own mental health, but also teaches how to restructure their relationship to the substance abuser in ways which could enhance the substance abuser's motivation to change and lead him or her to treatment.


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