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Violence And Abuse In Society

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Angela Browne-Miller, PhD, is editor of this comprehensive and unique set of four volumes containing over 110 chapters from over 130 international experts with backgrounds in behavioral science, social science, law, and medicine, as well as researchers, practitioners, and lay persons with varied specialties. These volumes cover the following areas reflected by their titles: Volume One: Fundamentals, Effects, and Extremes; Volume Two: Setting, Age, Gender, and Other Key Elements; Volume Three: Psychological, Ritual, Sexual, and Trafficking Issues; and Volume Four: Faces on Intimate Partner Violence. This collection looks at the range of violence and abuse we see today, conducting a detailed examination against the backdrop of a history of violence and abuse around the globe. The works within focus for the most part on violence and abuse taking place outside of war contexts, discussing road rage, child abuse, elder abuse, abuse of women and girls, sex slavery, violent rituals including female genital cutting, abuse within cults, domestic violence, gun violence, and modern problems fueled by technology, including cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

Physical Abuse And Neglect

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The ultimate text on child maltreatment is now available for continuing education credit. Physical Abuse and Neglect: A Training Curriculum, the first in a series of training modules based on the highly respected science of intervention library of forensic titles from G.W. Medical Publishing, condenses the content of Child Maltreatment: A Clinical Guide and Reference to eight topical chapters meant to familiarize learners with the common forms of abuse and neglect. The training curriculum contains activities, test questions, photographic references, and a PowerPoint teaching presentation and is accredited through Saint Louis University's School of Medicine and School of Nursing to provide CME/CNE credit(s).
Child abuse crosses all social, ethnic, religious, cultural, and professional lines. The increase in public awareness of this problem has led to an increase in the investigation and diagnosis of potential abuse cases. Physical Abuse and Neglect: A Training Curriculum answers a pressing need for educational resources devoted to enabling those who work with children to understand and recognize potential cases of neglect or abuse and to training them in appropriate courses of action in what are often highly sensitive circumstances. The program is aimed not only at forensic diagnosis, but is also meant to remove the uncertainty often felt when facing a situation in which a child may be at risk.
This educational curriculum, devoted to training physicians, nurses, and other professionals who work with children in the evaluation and interpretation of potential child maltreatment cases, is ideal for those who wish to understand the typical symptoms and presentation of abuse cases. Moreover, Physical Abuse and Neglect: A Training Curriculum should be required reading for new pediatricians, pediatric nurses, law enforcement personnel, social workers, and any other professionals who interact with children in medical or investigative settings. The eight chapters of Physical Abuse and Neglect cover the common signifiers of abuse and the information necessary to differentiate between accidental injuries and illnesses and cases of abuse or neglect.
The information in Physical Abuse and Neglect is designed to be studied either as a whole or broken down on a chapter-by-chapter basis. The package price includes an initial certification through Saint Louis University; additional certificates are available for a reasonable fee of $30.00 for nurses and $45.00 for physicians.

Child Abuse And Neglect

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This is a new text that provides a clear, concise summary of current issues in the field of child abuse and neglect.

The text describes the indicators of child abuse or neglect (including emotional neglect); sets out the major theories of child abuse and neglect; explores the various professional roles of the multidisciplinary team that often addresses abuse or neglect; and walks through the interview and evaluation process.

The authors also describe treatment issues, address intervention for children and families, provide examples of program evaluation methods, and describe prevention and policy issues. The text integrates theory, research, and practice, providing case examples to help students integrate all three.

Children's Rights

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"Give me liberty, or give me death!" The subject of Children's Rights does not provoke much sentimentalism in this country, where, as somebody says, the present problem of the children is the painless extinction of their elders. I interviewed the man who washes my windows, the other morning, with the purpose of getting at the level of his mind in the matter.

Child Abuse The Effects On Children

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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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