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Medical Evaluation Of Child Sexual Abuse

RRP $385.99

The new "Medical Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse: A Practical Guide" will serve as both a key reference for primary care pediatricians as well as pediatricians who are focusing their clinical work on child maltreatment and in particular sexual victimization. The book will walk the clinician through formulation of a diagnosis, differential and diagnostic dilemmas, how to formulate conclusions, and the nuances of documentation.

Demons And Whispers - A Memoir Of Abuse

RRP $27.50

Eight-year-old Billie Crawford could not bring herself to commit suicide. The Bible taught that taking her own life was a mortal sin, one that would ensure her eternal damnation. When her father entered her room, closed the door behind him, and began removing his pants, there was only one way to escape. "Jesus, please take me," she whispered with her eyes tightly shut, "Jesus, please! Take me!" Billie's prayers went unanswered. For six long years she fought the rapes inflicted by her father, rapes silently disregarded by a brutal mother and humiliated siblings. Maturity offered no end to her agony, for shame and trauma were permanently bonded to her heart and soul. Failed relationships and physical confrontations were the inevitable consequence; only late in life, through endless counseling augmented by mind-altering drugs, did psychiatrists offer her a measure of relief from the injustices of her nightmarish childhood. When you read Billie's story you will inevitably be left with the question: How can parents treat their offspring with such ignorance and cruelty? Billie has no answer, but she does offer a modicum of hope and advice for others who suffer in silence.

Radiological Atlas Of Child Abuse: Volume 1

RRP $299.99

The radiological abnormalities associated with suspected child abuse can be extremely subtle. If missed, a baby or child may be returned to an environment where episodes of abuse may escalate. Similarly, a wrongful diagnosis can lead to an infant being removed from loving carers. This atlas will be of particular use to radiologists (both in training and at consultant level), and also to other doctors who may be first in line to encounter suspected abuse, including paediatricians, accident and emergency doctors, orthopaedic surgeons and pathologists. It uses numerous radiographs from Professor Hall's collection amassed over three decades, including many examples of the sorts of difficult cases and normal variants that are found in day to day practice. It offers assistance with the initial interpretation of what are often difficult and subtle findings in the emotionally charged environment that frequently exists when child abuse is suspected.

When A Child Has Been Murdered

RRP $302.99

"When a Child Has Been Murdered: Ways You Can Help the Grieving Parents" is a concise, easy- to-read guide that begins with a general discussion of the types of grief that result from death and non-death losses. Then, using statements made by parents whose children were murdered, it discusses the specifics of murdered-child grief including: the complex emotions felt by the grieving parents, how the necessity of interacting with the criminal justice system can alter and enhance these emotions, short- and long-term methods these parents employ to work through the grieving process and to reconstruct their shattered lives, and how anyone who comes in contact with the parents can help them survive their grief.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment In The United States

RRP $257.99

This essential book is the first ever published on exemplary models of adolescent drug treatment. It delivers detailed descriptions of exemplary drug treatment models and gives you the latest information on substance use and its consequences to aid your work with adolescents who use alcohol and drugs. With sections covering outpatient, residential, family-oriented, and modified therapeutic community (TC) programs serving various ethnic/cultural groups, this book is a vital reference for educators and students as well as practitioners


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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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Child Abuse Childhood Depression Victims Survivors
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